Dompet Ishiya Igor
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Dompet Ishiya IGOR

dompet igor crazy horse full grain
dompet igor crazy horse full grain

MATERIAL: High quality full grain crazy horse cow leather,have natural special scratches,as time goes on,it will be more darker,and better touch feeling
warna: coklat size: panjang 11cm x tinggi 9,5 cm spesifikasi: - bagian depan ada quick access card - sisi depan dibuka ada 6 slot kartu, dan sisi kiri kanan masing2 1 slot. total 8 slot - bagian zipper pas dibuka: kiri 1 id window, kanan 2 slot kartu + tempat koin - ada 1 sab compartment uang - include box+inner bag - cocok utk hadiah atau pemakaian pribadi -The zipper design protect your privacy and prevent the dust dilengkapi rfid protection

Ini dompet agak bulky. yg ga suka bulky jgn beli tipe ini.
Grade yg kita pakai adalah Bagian full grain. Full grain adalah Grade kulit sapi teratas, dan plg awet dan krn itu plg mahal.
Why people love CRAZY HORSE LEATHER? The feature of crazy-horse leather is that leather items may have wrinkles, scars, scratches that are inherent characteristics and natural beauty of the hide to present the style of retro and wildness. When you scrape it widely, the trace will appear. If the trace is not obvious, you can wipe it gently and then the trace will be less. With time this leather wallet looks only better: absorbing oils from your hands it gets a special glossy layer; and being rubbed, it changes its color that will give it an antique look

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